Advice from a Great Speechwriter: Beware the Audience Outside the Room

toastmastersAt the recent Toastmasters International Convention in Florida, friend and speechwriter colleague Pete Weissman gave a terrific address that offered wonderful strategies and tactics for successful speeches. Pete has worked inside the White House and United States Senate and for some of the world’s top companies. I’ll post the video of his remarks, when it’s available next month. For now, here are just a sample of his insights.

In this “Age of Social Media” — you’re never just speaking to the people in the room.  Someone is always recording,  blogging tweeting. So speechwriters have to understand how a message will be interpreted by audiences that are not even in the same room or on the same continent.

Speechwriters are bridge builders. We connect the speaker’s ideas with the audience’s interest.We turn what the speaker wants to say into something the audience wants to hear.

If you want an audience to follow your ideas, you’ve got meet them where they are. That means understanding your listeners’ biggest problems and sharing a solution that’s drawn from your unique perspective and expertise.

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