Lessons from Lee Iaccoca

iacoccaLee Iacocca, former head of Chrysler, was certainly the first and arguably the biggest CEO “rock star.” And most analysts agree a key ingredient—what Iacocca himself called “my most important management tool” —was the spoken word. “I used that tool every day,” Iacocca wrote.

To better understand how he used words, I interviewed two men who wrote speeches and presentations for the former Chrysler head: Mike Morrison and Alex Tsigdinos. The result is an article you’ll find on the website of Ragan Communications.

One of the key points made by Morrison, Chrysler’s vice president of corporate communications from 1984 to 1999. was that Iaccoca knew “a good speech is a story.” Iacocca, Morrison said, knew that everything having to do with communication was a story. “Iacocca was a great at telling stories with a beginning, a strong middle, and an end.”

For too many of today’s CEOs, a speech is what Morrison called “just a matter of reciting data, of listing serial events.”

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