Quick Q&A with…Sun Microsystems’ Noel Hartzell

Number three — what we at Sun we fundamentally believe — is that opportunities arise in times of chaos. We’re an innovation company.
Innovation is not just about technology; it also occurs all across your organization, when you embrace opportunities for change. In addition, people are most willing to embrace change during tough times. So now is a great time to seize those opportunities.

JP: How are you putting those lessons into practice at Sun?

NH: Sun is blessed with a set of very courageous leaders. They have an incredible clarity of vision for what we stand for – the long term social utility of the internet and the economic and social progress it will deliver. We are certainly going through tough times, like the rest of America. But Sun employees also have a very positive outlook about what we’re trying to accomplish. It’s not just about a particular piece of software or hardware, but a larger vision of connecting the entire planet. That larger mission helps sustain the Sun community, even when the company may be making some hard choices.

JP: The launch of Jonathan Schwartz’s pioneering blog made Sun the early leader in using innovative media for executives’ communicating. Are you using new media to help your exec’s reach out during this challenging time?

NH: Absolutely. Sun has a network culture so we’re very comfortable with new media. And I have a deeply rooted belief that all communication has to be authentic. A key aspect of authenticity is transparency. So in addition to the traditional forms of executive communication, we do everything we can to transparently and authentically participate in social media to stay in touch with all of our communities.

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