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FAQ: About Q&A’s [Part 2]

FAQIn an earlier post on how to handle Q&A sessions, I warned that they can be risky, and I offered a couple of suggestions on how to cope.  But the fact remains,  if you finish with Q&A’s, the last words the audience hears from you will be out of your control. And as Angela DeFinis, a true industry expert in professional speaking, once told me, “That last question can lead your whole speech down a rat hole.”

No executive wants that to happen.

How to prevent it? DeFinis has a great suggestion: Be sure to reserve a little time for yourself after answering those pesky questions. Then step to the podium and deliver your final, final remarks. The last words your audience hears will be the ones you want.

A Great Speech Needs a Strong Finish


The latest edition of my column in the Washington Business Journal, Speaking to Rise, focuses on a critically  most important part of a presentation— the end. With input from Angela DeFinis, founder of DeFinis Communications and an industry expert in professional public speaking, I write about some very specific ways to end on a high note. .For example,

“T.A.P. (Talk About People). Try to end your speech by humanizing the larger point you’re making.”

If you’re a WBJ subscriber, you can see the whole article here. It should be available to everyone in early July.