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HP Hires a Better Communicator

HP logoEarlier this year, yet another high profile CEO bit the dust, brought down in large part by poor communication skills.

As communication coach Carmine Gallo points out in a recent Forbes column, when the board of Hewlett-Packard fired CEO Leo Apotheker less than one year after he was hired, board members cited the need for better communication at the top of the company.  HP Chairman Ray Lane said of the firing,“The market’s a little confused because we’re in so many different businesses.  This is 90 percent about leadership, communications, and operating execution.”

And in praising Meg Whitman, the woman hired to take over as CEO, Lane and other board members lauded her ability to articulate a vision and strategy. In fact, Lane made sure to highlight Whitman’s communication skills in every interview he gave introducing the new CEO.