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How to Succeed as an Exec? Use the Spoken Word…

leadership arlJan Day Gravel is a super executive coach, who also edits “Leading Edge,” the online newsletter of Leadership Arlington, a great organization that inspires and encourages leaders in Arlington, Virginia. She was nice enough to ask me to do a piece for her in the November issue. You’ll find it here, where you can see what I have to say about everything from strong starts to powerful finishes.

From the Back to Basics Panel: 12 Public Speaking Tips

clear empty podiumThe Arlington Chamber of Commerce panel, Back to Basics: The Art of the Spoken Word, was a lot of fun and a great success. We had a sell-out crowd. Moderator Jan Day Gravel and my fellow panelists Karen Bate, Jan Fox, and Charles Greene III did a great job, mixing insights, humor (and in Charles’ case) even a little magic.

There is an excellent article about the panel on the Arlington Chamber’s blog. In includes  our Top 12 Tips for Successful Public Speaking:

      1. A great speech starts with research.

     2. In presentations, 80% of success is knowing your audience. 

     3. In public speaking, you probably don’t need a major overhaul, just a few small tweaks.

     4.  Make your presentations social media friendly: use short tweet bites!

     5. The ability to use the spoken word effectively is valuable-it helps you grow your business and gain more clients.

     6. Focus on PRACTICE more than content: A speech should be like breathing. With practice you don’t have to think-it just comes out.

     7. Stand up straight! Even a little thing like changing your posture can improve your presentations.

     8. Incorporate video into presentations to mix things up, add energy, inject humor and give speaker a short break.

     9. As Lee Iaccoca said, “A good speech, like a good novel, is constructed around conflict.”

     10. Let’s go to the tape! Watching a recording of your presentation is a great way to learn and get better.

     11. Use your voice to draw people in by varying your tone, pauses and volume.

     12. Public speaking can be scary. Practice, practice, practice is the best way to overcome that fear.