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Don’t Let Aliens Take Over Your Presentation

flying-saucer6-300x102Andrew Gilman, President & CEO, CommCore Consulting Group offers some very pointed advice to clients who need help giving better presentations: speak like a human being. Too often, he says, presenters abandon their relaxed, natural speaking style and instead adopt stilted verbiage, awkward body language and other bad habits, which quickly put audiences to sleep.

That’s the spirit behind this great new video CommCore put together, which cleverly uses humor to show  what can go terribly, terribly wrong if you don’t present like a normal human.

“Start Strong or Die” Thought Leadership from smartCEO

smartceo_logoIn my latest article on smartCEO, I offer some tips on how to avoid this presentation nightmare.

You’ve just been introduced to an expectant audience as the CEO of a dynamic company. Your listeners looks up at you standing at the podium. You see their friendly faces, waiting for your words. And then you start the presentation.

Before long you see the tell-tale signs that you’re losing them: glum expressions, shifting in the seats, the furtive glances at cell phones. Then you get nervous and start to show it. Before long, it’s clear the presentation you had such high hopes for has turned into a lost opportunity to engage an important audience.

You’ll find the complete article here.