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A Great List of “Do Not’s”

microphoneAnother great piece in Silicon Valley speechwriter Ian Griffin‘s terrific “Professionally Speaking” blog. This one is a guest post from U.K. media coach Alan Stevens, that is chock full of excellent tips on how to give a great speech. My favorite part of the piece, though is his concise list of things speakers should NEVER do. Such as…

  • Start badly
  • Fail to understand equipment
  • Put too much on each slide
  • Patronize the audience
  • Use bad graphics
  • Turn their back on the audience
  • Speak inaudibly
  • Use jargon
  • Run out of time
  • End poorly

Quote Box: Great Story Advice from Hollywood

Hollywood_Sign_PB050006Stories give your audience a direct experience of whatever it is you want your speech to convey.

Michael Hauge

Ian Griffin, Silicon Valley technology speechwriter supreme, recently posted an excellent piece on Professionally Speaking,  his great blog. Griffin reported on a presentation at the Northern California Chapter of the National Speakers Association that analyzed the benefits of taking a “Hollywood approach” to writing and delivering presentations.

Hall of Fame keynote speaker and executive speech coach Patricia Fripp joined Hollywood story expert and script consultant Michael Hauge to discuss the importance of story telling in speeches. In particular, they demonstrated how vitally important stories are when it comes to eliciting emotions in an audience.

The whole post is a must read for speechwriters and executives, especially Hauge’s 10 Essential Elements of Every Great Story.