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FAQ: How Should I End My Speech?

FAQTo paraphrase Lee Iacocca, the object of every speech is to motivate, which makes the last words your audience hears from you critically important.

Here are some ways to end with a bang, not a whimper. (You’ll find more in my book, Words that Mean Success.)

Bookend. One of the classic and most effective ways to end a speech is to circle back to the beginning of the presentation at the end. President Obama does this a lot.

Do Something out of the Ordinary. Look for an unusual quote (I found one from daredevil Evel Knievel), a little known event in history, a case of strange bed fellows, etc. Use anything that makes the audience sit up and take notice. One warning: be very careful about using humor. (You’ve heard this from me before.) In particular, it is very risky to end with a joke.

T.A.P. (Talk About People). Try to end your speech by humanizing the larger point you’re making. Find an evocative story or vignette that involves an actual human being doing something. The more specific you can be (“Engineer John Smith is on the front line of the data security revolution…”) the better.

First, the Bad News

ragan_logo_blueThanks to the great people at for asking me to blog about ways CEOs can make gloomy presentations less painful for their employees and less difficult for themselves.

Tip number three: Remember, this is about them, not about you!

For more, click here.

The Spoken Word in the Social Media Age

widmeyer 2My thanks to the PR pros at Widmeyer Communications (“a fiercely independent PR firm” ) for asking me to do a blog post on my new book, Words That Mean Success.

In the post, I highlight “two things about writing speeches that may surprise you.” You can read more here.

Words That Mean Success Now on iTunes and Nook!

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My New Book Now on Kindle

Words That Mean Success Book cvrMy book, Words That Mean Success, is now on Amazon. Click here to have a look. Lots of useful information for executives who use the spoken word to boost their organizations.