Worried about Asking for that Raise? Fast Company says, “Consult a Speechwriter”

“We’ve all been in that meeting where a coworker spends 10 minutes citing numbers and percentages to make his point but everyone stops listening long before he’s done speaking.”

That’s the opening line in a great article from Fast Company. (Okay, I am quoted in it….).

Writer Lisa Rabasca Roepe finds that the techniques speechwriters use can be helpful just about any time a business person uses the spoken word: to be effective in meetings, to ask for a raise, etc. And she offers “seven storytelling tips from speechwriters that will help you get your point across.”

The tips include:

Personify your data
Know your listener
Be specific.

Good advice from Pete Weissman and other top scribes.

For more, check out the complete article here.


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